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So, this is it people.

The new craziness that is of the adventures of Morris and Alyx. I know this is really really really really really late to the podcasting game but oh well. This should be fun.

First episode right here of us talking some local and personal stuff then we go bigger as we get into more national news etc.

Listen and enjoy and sya you were here in the beginning....


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Posted by Morris in - 6.03.2009 11:37 PM
Almost fergot about this place....

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Im pretty sure it was last Monday night [4.27] that I decided to head over to Whataburger and burn some midnight oil to study for two finals I had on Tuesday. I wasn't falling asleep, so I thought Id take advantage of the....uhm................advantage.

It must've been about 4:00am when this lady in scrubs walked in, she looked about late thirties.
35+ ?

I'unno Im bad at that kinda thing.

Some how, I knew....I just knew!........that she was going to sit next to me. Now, heres the layout, I was in a booth with papers a-scatter and about two behind me was an employee on break just chillin. Thats it, the rest of the place was empty....

So this nurse orders coffee - turns and proceeds to my booth.

"Hi. Can I join you?"

She sits as I move my clutter so she can set her empty canteen that she pours her coffee in. She just starts asking me about the classes I was taking and we chat a bit about the Swine Flu Zombie Outbreak.

I guess what I really remember from the conversation was her reaction to when I said that I was majoring in Digital Media...graphics etc.

and her response was a smirk and this:

"oh, well have you seen the [news] papers for the jobs in that? Theres not very many."

she said some stuff about her cousin or something doing the same thing and not really finding a job here.

I was depressed by her comment for about 3/4 of a second. That point where I was about to ask myself where I was going etc.


I pitied her.

As an empathetic person, I peered into her and saw that she was on of those people who went into nursing because she saw there was money, and good for here-making it through, but thats it. In our conversation she was even complaining about it, but always came back to justify it with "....it's good money though"

I know she wasnt judging me or trying to put me down [maybe], but I knew that she didnt know me or my plans. How ever educated her guess was of me; it wasnt enough to flail me.
Her perspective of a career just being a free way that everyone eventually takes the on ramp to just to match the rest of the worlds speed and drive along only looking forward to weekends....

I know I want to do stuff.....crazy stuff with my "career".....and thats how me and someone like her differ......

She filled her canteen with the "special blend" coffee from a fast food restaurant. Said "Fuck 'em." to the fact that she was an hour late for work and walked out the establishment, but not before advertising her own depiction one last time to me with "....maybe you should try Nursing."

....and left at that.

I smiled and saw a flash of how the universe functioned.

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Posted by Morris in - 4.18.2009 4:42 PM
"There it is...."

He said aloud aptly, as he always does when the kick of his cigarette comes in and the knees weaken a bit. Eyes closed to enjoy the moment reminds him of the times that he would shut his eyes while driving home on most weekdays. The pace of movement of all that around him and him none the wiser as to what occurs, almost in the sense to rid himself of the responsibility to act or even react.

He opens his eyes to the world now tinted with a blue. Lost in the sway of the branches and music that covers his ears.

"This is my life, and it's ending one minute at a time."

One would venture to guess that this is a bad thing, but for him this is a statement he does not mind so much. Even to the point of enjoyment and pride, appreciative. He is proud of who he is, not necessarily of all that he's done, but of where he is in his life and those around him. Of how he speaks true to himself, of how less and less each day he bends to the will of others and mass norms.

He has rid himself of not only the possession, but the desire to posses the things that he does not need. Trapped only by his bounds which come easily and natural bring him to laugh silently at the world's social follies that surround him everyday.

The pinnacle is a farce, but closer than ever before. He knows that he will not become perfect, only more perfect and holds to the highest constant variable that he knows in his life's past, present and future; himself~

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