Posted by Morris in - 6.21.2008 8:25 AM
Well its about 8:30am, and Im up.

Not cz I got up, I might add. You need to go to sleep first in order to wake up.

So, I thought Id blogg. cz I havent in a while so here goezzzzzzzzzzzzz.....

Been watching House MD recently which is freggin' awesome, its got a kinda redundant theme ie. patient care but it had a very intruiging underlining occurance of twist, turns and plenty of shouts.

"The ones with the Guns" is proving quite productive and hope it keeps where its sailing. I sense a sort of bubbling somewhere, but thats prolly just me fabricating stuff.
We have two songs down n solid and with a dependant source of me and my depression the poetic injustices of songs will flow continually and without cease, or so it seems.
on the not so lighter side one of my machine heads on my guitar broke......dag yo.

A dear friend of mine suggested that we start somwhat of a filming adventure and without putting much thought into in we are gonna start without notice as well. Just jump in. With my techniques and his writing, not to mention his nack for writing, the possiblilities are endless. Well at least endless to the immit of how not lazy we're feeling.

*fake grin*

Never was one to grin. Speaking of grinning. Not much of that going on.
I think the thing that bugs me the most about depression, if you will, is the fact that there's like this line of ppl thatit attracts who try to fix you. If there ever was a time for a friend to tunr into a doctor it is the absolute worste timing. Serioulsy. Dont do it.
Then theres the on average 4 to 5 visits from my dad to my room to randomly walk in and sit or stand behind me. Just stands there and sighs.

"Are you okay?"

"yeah. fine."

As if I myself knew. Even if I did thats not the way Id go about it. er......whatever.

been thinking about going to Starbucks n demanding a job. If I can muster enough energy I may do that today.......

I think thats about it.

oh yeah, thnx to Silvia im kinda doing sum art stuff. meh~


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Sylvia Sweetheart
June 21, 2008 at 6:51 PM

i love how you repay me by misspelling my name :) good blog btw. looking forward to hearing the songs and seeing the videos and junk.