Posted by Morris in - 7.07.2008 1:56 AM
So ive been listening to this Death Cab for Cutie song; "Transatlanticism" pretty regularly, as a matter of fact its the song I go to first when I get in my car.

So alot of thoughts have been lingering around it.

I love the picture it paints though. Its an ocean being born right before his eyes growing bigger and bigger and theres nothing he can do about it. This vast thing that is continually more and more separating him from what he loved more than anything on this Earth, it would seem.

Then I thought further...

You know those moments where you'll do anything to stop something from happening. I mean something traumatic and so epic to your life that you will claw tooth and nail to stop and undo. Like watching some one you know burn alive, but people hold you back from helping cz you'll only hurt yourself. You fight and fight, curse and scream...and thats usually where the "movie scene" would end. But after that moment is what interested me.
You accept that theres nothing you can do and if you try you'll only hurt someone else. No one has to hold you back anymore. You get it. Now you just sit there and it starts to sink in.
[The ocean is growing]
...it just sinks in more and more and more. People say "it just has to sink it, and then you'll accept it." You do accept it and it dz sink in...and sinks in, and sinks in.

The truth is that if it was something big enough...it never stops sinking in. Everyday, years later. Its still sinking in.

The ocean gets bigger and bigger between you and what you love with such intensity that you will never stop loving it/her/him no matter how big the ocean gets, no matter how long its been, no matter what others say.

"I need you so much closer..."

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