Posted by Morris in - 8.26.2008 11:34 AM

Im at skewl and Im really bored. First class was scheduled to last from 9am to like 12, but in the tradition of first class days most teachers tend to let 'em out early. Would really mind it too much, but Im in another city now and nothings really near. I dont really know anyone so Im pretty much subjected to the campus' whim.

Even though its only like 25min away from home, there still this far away feeling. Its only reasonable since, I mean, there are completely other worlds and people Ive never met or seen. Everyone....well most people here came from their own schools together and its just gonna take some stepping out and making fiends. I dont want come off as creepy, but Im also not one of those persons who can go through some sort of place im gonna regularly be at and feel that I dont have to be social. Nor do I feel that I have to, I want to.

Its still the first day, so I dont expect anything today but I know it will be kewl. Meeting people is one of my favorite things to do. Theres so many variables to humans its always interesting to see whats out there you havent seen. More-so-over than a place or an object cz they're people, so you can interact and...well you get the point.


oh and BTW, Im at the infamous Internet cafe again :D

bored.bored.bored.bored.bored.bored.bored.bored.bored......and bored

I had to kill the guy using this computer so theres blood all over the keyboard. He wouldnt get off, and I wasnt about to wait for this guy to decide to get off either. Everyone saw but said nothing, they understood what had to be done. Security came and was about to detain me and get all up ons but I told them I was part black and new alot of black people, so they kinda stepped back and were like "whoa....we dont want any trouble man."

*looks around for black people*

yup, thats what happened.

In other news, I hear there was some assassination attempt of suspicion or something or another from some white supremacy group on Obama but didnt read too much into. Prolly will later.

I want a soda, but I fear that if I get up people will jump onto my computer and steal it from me. Plus Im not too sure I can play the black card again. I dont want to go to jail so....I'll hold it.

I was outside for a while, but its waaaay to hot and musty/humid to be lingering about on foot. The suns coming out and the morning defense against mosquitoes is gone.

I was noticing the other day that sometimes when I feel that I write alot on here, it still only takes peolpe like 2min to read the whole thing. So that sucks. Its almost like a 15 = 1 translation in minutes to writting. well maybe like 15 to 2 but whatever, I digress.

well thats it I got nothing else.

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