Posted by Morris in - 9.03.2008 12:35 PM
So, theres something that I've known for quite some time. Never really blogged about it, but for some reason I choose to now.

I've almost always been that "safe guy". yknow that guy that none of the girls fall for immediately, if not indefinitely. And for the most part vise-versa. I've seen this murky puddle of infatuation that people dwell on too long and mistake it for love only to ruin anything that was there to begin with. Not that I've never wanted to dabble in such things, but I find it harder to succumb to something I was unsure of. Plus Im very pessimistic.

In most cases I find myself quoting sir Ben Gibbard: "...you are beautiful, but you dont mean a thing to me."


just as a blind squirrel finds an acorn every once in a while. Its bound to happen...

and boy when you feel whats infront of you and slowly but surely you realize that its an acorn. You feel like you've won the lottery. Other people have one the lottery before and know what you're feeling, still.....you feel singled out and no one knows just how great you feel.

So Im a blind squirrel, I guess.

I digress though. Things dont always work how we want them to and even more in the case of this sticky thing we call love. In my case where few times I fallen for another, truly, its never been too favorable....for lack of a better word.

The more recent case, to be specific, has yet to wear off. Not that its desired, its by far the hardest fall of yet.

According to my Deviant ART journal entry its been like 2.5 years. and its hasnt really diminish, if anything grown.

With my pessimism, I dont really think Im waiting for anything, just feel...I dunno, "placed" if that makes any sense to anyone

ok, so Im not sad r anything, just clear that up, just something I wanted to blog and write out to hear it in my head and more jsut gave me a chance to dissect it and.....etc



on another note, skewl it really kew, learning any doing things that I actually want to learn and do. Learning alot of theory on how the stuff I had done for so long in image and video editing. now I understand what gz on in the background, and trust me....its very intriguing.

except for some mickey mouse class that I have. Its like basic computing with this teacher that such a douche. I dont mind doing these things that are superfluously simple task, but she almost mocks students who dont know where something is on the comp and further more she wants us to be "college students" and "get with the program" while she's using terms like "Box #1" and Im like "its called a fucking window".....then shes like "okay take everything off, class." im like wtf? ...oh you must mean "close all the windows, you retard!"

I was gonna give her some of my mind, but she had students she had to sort stuff out with after class.....gah@! stupid woman.

maybe I'll write her an angry email.....

*digs in search for a thesaurus*

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3 bikbik kere edilmiÅŸ
September 3, 2008 at 10:48 PM

love is icky.
I'll pass.

& I'm glad you're enjoying your "college student" life. :)

The W
September 5, 2008 at 10:19 AM

oooohhh sylvia got expelled!

congrats on your acorn!

September 5, 2008 at 1:00 PM

@the W shwaaaa.....?

i dont understand both of your comments?