Posted by Morris in - 9.16.2008 1:33 PM
So....Im here in class. Finished an assignment that everyone still working on. The guy next to me [wears a rosary around his wrist, religiously] ironic I know. He'll ask me a question on Adobe Illustrator every 6mins or so....again...religiously.

but I digress...

and bored to death here. I finished the assignment and left early last week. only to come into class and realize we have more time to work on it. gah, its kew whatevs. as long as the class dznt end early. I really o crazy not knowing what to do between classes an breaks I have. and to someone like me its pretty stressful....time alone equals thoughts. thoughts that saturate me like a rain. feels good, but I know Im gonna get sick...I want more.


oh well....

my keyboard has nipples. yes u heard right. as I rest my fingers on the "home row" i can feel 'em. Its a mac keyboard.not so much like a windows typical one. the windows one has more of a small horizontal line while the mac ones have a centered brailed dot a the center of its "F" and "J" key....as you can see im bored and you will succumb and be at the mercy of my mindless drone thoughts. yes.....at least for the duration of the blog.

I need a job, im figuring more and more. I still need two books and dont want to ask my parents cz as always the financial state is never a mystery for my dad to blurt out during an given conversation. Just this morning it went as so....

"your leaving?"
"yeah, Im off to class"
"ok bye. how much gas do you have?"
"like quarter tank...ish?"
"well *gag* we're barley gonna make the house payment with you mothers check *vomit* and..."
*excessssss information later*
o_O...."ok well im going now"

Then he feels like crap for hearing himself outloud and to some extent that he's failed me. Then I start to get a lil depressed that is until my self induces atarexia kicks in. that and music. music will always be my island. plus I have a 30min drive which is also my "virgin island"
*tip of the hat to josh*
so yeah, I have like stuff to read already but no money for books.

and........Im looking over a four leaf clover, that Ive overlooked before~

oh yeah! Me and Alyx....ahem sry.

...Alyx and I have revamped our band with Johnny who dznt know yet, but is to be moved onto the drums. as punishment for his sins! [jk] but yeah, we started working on some stuff, and no longer hindered by the constraints of pop culture in music to fully express ourselves in the fullness of that of.....post-rock.
Some may have heard of it and some not. its a blissful genre with its ocean of feeling. never have I felt so content with music i make or am a part of. truly lifting. then again every song has its expression.

There is no bad or good emotion, it is all expression.

Its true though, cz everyone thinks as bad or sad emotions as such a terrible thing. granted they will do a number on people. but i dunno, when you're not so bias towards it....you learn to see that ts simply how it is. cz then your sad about being sad. and why!? cz ppl tell you its not good to be sad.....

in other words, its not good to express yourself in a manner of negative emotions. which is ridiculous.


So....its 2:04pm and the intructor said he was gonna start something up at 2:00pm. maybe he's gonna fight someone? you know...."start something up"? hopefully.meh.

what else, what else, what else.......

oh yeah something wierd that I didnt really know where else to say, but I guess here will do.

as most who read this know already. The horrible day that Caroline's dad passed on. she called me and she hadnt in a while. it caught me off guard to to what I learned. I didnt think of it at the time but thought it totally farce later in the day.

that very morning I woke up from a very dream where my dad had died. I even woke up all accelerated and i felt my face against the pillow like it was crying, shriveled face and all. no tears but just about all the physical aspects of it. I awoke weirded out, but remembering the dream very vividly. I didnt think to tell anyone nor that it would be a good conversation that led to nothing, but twas very strange.

I dunno.

well the intructors just about to kick things off again. but I dont believe him.


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The W
September 17, 2008 at 8:34 AM

money sucks.
thank God music is free

Sylvia Sweetheart
September 17, 2008 at 3:34 PM

Wish that I had a million dollars so that I could buy your books and teach your cooks and steal your looks and break all hooks and then have a denny's night.

A day after I found out about Caroline's dad I had a dream where Victor almost drowned at Schlitterbahn and got attacked by sharks.

it was actually funnier dreamt than written

The W
September 18, 2008 at 11:47 PM

btw - chek out this video, i didnt know any other way to send it to you