Posted by Morris in - 3.26.2009 12:31 AM
I know I havent posted here as much as I used to or as frequently. Its not that I dont want to or dont have anything to say, but...

....well I get out all my blogging by micro-blogging with Twitter. Then there is Tumblr where I go through more stuff of a variety and the community is so booming that theres constant updates, not to mention a really kewl phone audio post option. but I digrees.....or do I?

anyway. should u wonder what im up to follow me on

Twitter: twitter.com/zMorris


Tumblr: zMorris.tumblr.com

they are both great services and Id recomend em 10 fold to any of you, my dear friends.

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Sylvia Sweetheart
March 26, 2009 at 1:49 PM

thinking about re-joining twitter so we'll see