Posted by Morris in - 3.01.2009 2:24 PM
I was on Digg.com and came across a story that I kinda shrugged off, but still read the article.

It was this article that Boston News had produced about a building that was being constructed right across from a Dan Farber Cancer Institute. I'm not sure if it's an institute only for children, but what was happening was that kids that were being treated there stood at a window facing the new building - still in the stages of laying down the iron beams for each floor, and took sheets of paper - wrote their names as big as they could and held / pasted them against the window.

You see what was going on is that the workers laying down the massive pieces of iron were seeing the kids putting up their names and started spray painting them on the iron beams. I know.
I know how people at times say thing about simple things in life and a child's innocence and the simple things in life etc. I guess you could say it's on of those things.

As I said, I kinda shrugged this as I read through it, but realized more of it as I saw the pics and thought about it a bit more.

I noticed that I was still like this. Specifically about the name thing. Even if its my nickname. There's something about how when I see my name on something, if it's geared to me personally of course. Or also yknow when people just kinda say your name when there's nothing else to say. Not like a disapproval, but more of like a "sum up" of whatever may be going on and your name can only describe what you've done.

Isnt that strange!?

How its possible for our names to sum up someones feelings about a situation you're a part of.

Its a little hard to explain futher from here I think, but you get the jist of it.
[i hope]

Here some more pics:

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March 4, 2009 at 5:18 PM

I understand and agree, but I have a question: When you talk about or write about your name, which name are you referring to? Just curious as to what name you psychologically respond to the most. Morris, or Lorenzo, or even Ramiro?

March 6, 2009 at 4:13 PM

hmm i see..
so when i get back can we play cards?