Posted by Morris in - 4.19.2008 10:06 PM
So I was at this....uhh....we'll call it a benefit, of some sort.


I was caught up in a conversation with Pastor Bob Ordeman [iccenter.org pastor].
, and we were talking about identity theft and things of the such. From social security stealing to people who swipe you credit information by merely standing next to you long enough catching the information waves emitting from your card itself in your wallet. So, in todays day in age, one doesn't even need to physically steal anything.



I admit I've been scammed more than once, but to imagine someone making purchases out there and going to town with money you've worked for. eek!

I kinda relive the conversation and enjoy the smaller facts, like for example:

No one can ever steal who I am, no matter how crazy this stuff [technology] gets.

and intern got me thinking:

No one can steal who I am in Christ. To take something from God?


....rest in ease of that my friends

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April 20, 2008 at 5:29 PM

Amen! I've realized today that i was in an identity crisis. In reality, I had everything to prove who I am in Christ, but I was blinded. The devil thinks he is so slick. He may have got me thinking, but only to end up thinking more about who God called me to be. In that...I'm not deceived. =]]]]

April 20, 2008 at 11:44 PM

Yay for Morrisssss
(its 11:45 so get your last minute 4:20-ness out of your system)