Posted by Morris in - 4.16.2008 3:22 AM
I was listening to the last tracks on the David Crowder* Band CD - A Collision.

Crowder goes on to say:

"...the atom, its a symbol. You see that and you think

atom. It shows electrons moving in electrical
paths around the nucleus and all. We know that's not
how an atom works...or looks even for that matter."

He goes on to say that its a representation of worship. Since scientist can't really illustrate the exact workings of an atom, they create this representation to make it easy to understand and follow. So it's kinda like when someone/you see a painting or hear a song that just gets you. Perhaps how you feel when you eat your favorite meal or hug the one you love above all else. We don't have definitions or math equations to portray these things. But perhaps the best thing is symbolism.

~The "Rock on!' hand gesture that lets us jam on a little longer...

~The Rose that at times carries words that really cant be said...

~The Cross representing how far God was willing to go, and a way out

see where I'm going....

Jesus used it alot too when He said; "The Kingdom of God is like..." [matt 13]
...wheat and tares
...a mustard seed
...a treasure hidden in a field
...a net let down into the lake


My point is that Jesus coulda been like "Okay guys, The Kingdom of God is like....ok if you can feel, its like this color...uhm *Jesus waves his hands* and lots of wind with...uhh.....and yeah."

everyone woulda been like "whaaa!?" o_O;
"this dudes crazy."

Sometimes things cant be explained. At least not until you feel it or go through it. Then you'll know and its not like you can even explain it to anyone once you do get it. You just do.

This are better left unexplained.....

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