Posted by Morris in - 5.02.2008 6:59 PM
K. First off....just hear me out. This isnt what you would think it be.....

I remember what I thought of ghosts before I met Jesus. I thought them to be multi dimensional occurrences, whether by accident or purpose. Just a sort of unexplained "Unsolved Mysteries" kinda thing. whoa!, who remembers that show...

Then after I met Jesus, I thought of it more as demons and stuff trying to get you cz apparently you did something to let them to open a door or what have you....watever.


I get it now.

I really do.

Ghosts; "things you can see that haunt you. and usually some sort of death to them at one point."

I believe in ghost in a totally different way...well I guess it dznt matter if you believe in something or not. It never seems to change the fact that something is true or fictitious.
I have things that haunt me, that were once dead or at least I thought I had left them for dead. Things tat I cannot snatch and strangle by the neck to leave me alone, no matter how hard I want or try to.
They also seem to come more prominently at night.

Which explains alot.......................

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