Posted by Morris in - 8.19.2008 1:41 PM
So Im here at the "Internet Cafe" @ TSTC in Harlingen. First off I will say to TSTC....calm yourselves. Just cz someone sets up some high chairs and computers with internet access, dz not mean that its all off a sudden a cafe. I was misled.


More so cz everything here is "down" according to everyone either scratching their head with a pen or behind a desk is sharing that answer here today. Like its some sort of defense mechanism so you wont jump over the desk and wring their over payed and glorified title necks. I digress.

Yeah it sucks.

Plus im using Internet Explorer. not too happy bout that.

Im hungry.

Waiting for the network to come back up cz my bro [jarvs] is trying to get some PIN so he can register. Best if he dz it today, cz any later would be risking losing the classes he wants. yeah.

on a related not, I have to admit Im a lil scared that my financial aid hasnt kicked in, not for the reason that its taking a bit, but I think I subconsciously know that Im not sure im entitled to any. I hope I slip through the Governments fingers this time through. Just enough to get mu GPA back up and on the okie-dokie-hunky-dorie train.....I just made that up.

and if the governemtn is listening to this, "Im sry. Im really gonna try this time. UTB sucked at offering Digital Media courses, but TSTC actually ahs a program. Plz gimme money"

pitiful I am really.... u_u;

Well UTB did suck at having good media classes and programsn and such. tis true. or as a dear friend says "true story"
They've only got like a two part Digital Imaging class thats run by a boderline pedophile. Caressing your back or putting his hand on your shoulders everytime he asks "hows it going?" "is everything alright?"

what a freak.

Stay away from Batsell at UTB.

I remember totally flinching and teaching that monkey a lesson. got the attention of the class. I jumped up and everything, still to the level of belief and enought o scare him out of anymore sneak attacks. Cheeky bastard.

on an across the board note. I wrote a letter two nights ago. now im trying to muster the strength to give it to its recipient....

Im sad, I know.

w00t! fewd, k bye for now~

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Sylvia Sweetheart
August 19, 2008 at 4:43 PM

I have many things i'd like to say

1.) this blog made me laugh so much. the "cafe" thing... right on
2.) internet explorer is gross.
3.) i'll make sure to steer clear of batsell
4.) "cheeky bastard".. very british
5.) you obviously shared the thing about the letter to stir up interest, so spill

August 25, 2008 at 1:34 AM

I agree w/sylvia.
I want to know what the letter says....c'mon! tell ussssssssssssss