Posted by Morris in - 8.13.2008 11:21 PM
Turns out theres this place called a "gym". I dont know if I spelled that correctly.

hah, I jest~

but yeah, Gino got me n Chris some passes. Im not one much for the weight lifting thing, maybe later. I went strait for the running thing aka treadmill. Cardio' for you enthusiasts. Its funny though, cz you always think how lazy one is to start working out, but once your their you get more energy to actually do it. Who ever set it up like that deserves a marketing award. but I digress...

also. after we were ready to leave we felt all ashamed to go to Wendy's, and rightfully so I would guess. So we went to Subway. w00t~

I kept going back to the running cz it was most satisfying, but I need better shoes. The soles on converse suck for running. I ran like a totaly of 3.6 miles in the cinema room or whatever, they were playing Even Almighty, but I couldnt look cz my perspective got thrown off every time i glanced, started path digressing n such.

oh well.....

I have to get up tomorrow for orientation and I hope it is tomorrow. I was kind of asleep when I was on the phone with the TSTC guy. I'll call tomrrow when I wake though, dont want to show up for nothing like a goof.


I saw Tropic Thunder too. Rober Downey jr. was freaking hillarious.made the movie in my oppinion.

oh well.

later days~

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The W
August 14, 2008 at 11:26 PM

tropic thunder looks pretty funny honey

Sylvia Sweetheart
August 17, 2008 at 4:28 PM

i'm going to miss your banters

August 17, 2008 at 10:32 PM

@sylvia The internet is everywhere, my dear~