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I was going through some old stuff I had. Proudly Ive actually minimized my relics of things Ive saved to a small accordion like folder thing. Papers mostly. There were some that caught me and even took me back to where I sat in high school with the two specific friends I had.

Sylvia and Manny.

To be precise Sylvia Ann Lopez and Emanuel [fergot, sry bro]

It was 2004 winter and I was finishing school early.Half a year early, but early nonetheless. I had Sylvia and Manny for Drawing 2 or 3 something like that. One-a those do nothing classes, almost. She was really cool and so was Manny. Some of the coolest friends Ive ever had, as I can recall now. So anyways, I was leaving mid-semester. Now I dont remember like tears and stuff but these things they wrote now seems like I was departing onto the Titanic or something. There was this like half paragraph from Sylvia and the rest were doodles of friendship n such. Then a high school newsletter that they both ranted on with a sharpie. There was another one from Manny but Sylvia didnt see it on the count that he was too proud to give me a a goodbye in front of a girl. I must admit though, it was the most poetic I had ever seen Manny. heh.

I dont mean to use Hallmark words here or anything but looking back on these things is really heartwarming. I mean really. It is.

I was trying to look 'em up online, never really done that sorta stuff for people. No luck, but I stopped after Myspace.

More than heartwarming, which it really was, I came back to that. Almost wanted to be there again. I was far from one of these school spirit people, but I held and still hold friends higher than anything. Yes, even family.

Then I noticed.

Who the hell do we think we are! I mean literally.
We live in an era where people cant stand each other. We'd rather drive off to a distant city instead of enduring with our friends. Not fixing, but letting our problems make us who we are. I mean, if in high school we could get along with 20-30 people we had to sit next to everyday, and even they people you didnt like you'd still laugh together with when you'd be stuck in a group with. Sure not everyone was your friend, but heck you made it work.

I think this is just one of those moments where I have to bring it back. Im not really pressing this but admitting that it gets to me and I'm gonna bring it back on myself.
Things are so much harder, alot, 500 times harder than we think they are. I mean that of course in that way that we gt ourselfves here.

If you take everyone you know and go back to school and face these people everyday and get stuck in a classroom. You'll be laughing and bonding like you cannot see right now. It works. Dont you get it. It works. We just think were big shits now. No one admits they're doing horrible, cause they think everyone else is fine, but the truth is everyones keeping it to themselves.

No wonder arragned marriges have the lowet divorce rate~

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