Posted by Morris in - 12.03.2008 3:14 AM
That may sound off at first.heh. but....well....its true.

Ive been checking out this other blogging service. It has alot more functionality as far as actual social networking. Ive tried to interact with more ppl here randomly, but its seems like almost no one uses blogger. Im sure many do, but Ive tried pretty extensvively to find a social saturation.

Ive traveled further than most.

So recently Pownce was bought out by a Parent Company named Six Apart. In some readings of this Company; I learned of some of their services.

Vox.com is a very extensive and friendly blog service. Very interacting ppl with much to say. Recently a slight boom on its press from the buyout. but whatever. Its really kewl...

So in a nutshell.....or as Alyx would say " ...in a nutsack"

Im seriously debating on relocating my blog entirely to my new Vox.com home.

Please check it out and maybe even consider joining me there --> Click Here for Morris on Vox

[ps. I still love you all]

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