Posted by Morris in - 2.02.2009 11:14 PM
So, im supposed to be finishing some homework right now. Always seems to be the perfect time to blog, eh.

Im looking up companies to do a faux application process, as it were. I find my self jumbled between about 3 careers. It used to be only 2 until recently.

First off was graphic/web designer for printed and online materials and such. Then the idea grew more of films. I never thought it as too much of a ripe idea in my head to pursue, bu more and more I am finding a passion of the interaction with it. Whether an editor, screenwriter, on screen or whatever. I just want to be part of the process. Somehow I ended up looking up film internships for Austin Film Festivals and Revision3.com internships. meh.

...and 3rd now it in marketing/advertising. I realise that the designer is kind of that, but I've always been fascinated with marketing firms and the idea of creatively selling things. Its a bit desceptive, but it only adds to the dark side of it all. I know in history artist/hippies have been against the conglomerate of marketing, with the desception and all, but its a bit of an edge for me. A thrill of thinking "How can we make someone buy something, they dont need?"
I know its not always the case with every product, but still...I'd love to be one of those guys who pitches ideas and cleverly advertises. Even if Im not designing it.

ps. Ive added a widget on the top right with the current song in my head. theres always one in my head that sticks from something. Ill do my best to update it as in my head.


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Sylvia Sweetheart
February 3, 2009 at 11:17 AM

So, I'm supposed to be listening in class right now. Always seems a perfect time to comment. :)

Your interest in films is quite contagious. I am actually excited about our project (whether or not it ever gets started is another thing...) Internships are a great eye-opener, you should look into them.

Also, I was sort of taken back by your marketing interest, but the more I think about it the less I'm surprised. "How can we make someone buy something, they dont need?" is totally Morris. I'm taking a marketing/advertising class right now, and some dude came in from Playboy. Very intersting, indeed.